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A new service for 13-24 years olds

Young People From 1 April 2013 Salford Connexions service will be changing. In addition to working with older clients the service is now provided by the charity GMCP.

The service provides careers information, advice and guidance to young people in Salford who are aged 13-24 (and up to 25 for young people with learning difficulties and disabilities). It works with targeted groups of young people who are either not in education, employment and training, or who are at risk of not participating in education, employment and training when they leave school or college. The service includes:

  • Help to those seeking employment/Apprenticeships, including the skills to access opportunities, such as how to complete application forms, write a C.V. and handle interviews
  • Specialist support for young people aged 13–25 with learning difficulties and disabilities
  • Help to clients facing issues relating to social, health and welfare problems, including housing, finance, pregnancy, drugs and alcohol
You can get information, advice and guidance at one of our centres.

Schools and Colleges

Schools and Colleges This part of the website provides an overview of the services GMCP offers to schools and colleges. It is set in the context of the changing structures for all children and young people's services signalled by Every Child Matters, Youth Matters and the 14-19 Education and Skills Implementation Plan.

Over the next year we will be responding flexibly to these changes working collaboratively with local authorities, schools, colleges and emerging collaborative arrangements to meet the needs of young people across the area and to support raised aspirations and attainment, increased progression and a reduction in those young people who do not engage post-16. In particular over the next year we aim to:

  • Ensure our services meet the new Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) standards, and support partners to also meet these standards so that all young people receive their entitlement to IAG
  • Maintain targeted support to young people with complex needs including those with learning difficulties and/or disabilities
  • Support 14-19 curriculum developments including careers education
  • Make appropriate contributions to ECM outcomes for all young people
To find out more about our services to schools and colleges, please visit our Career Connect site.

"Connexions… working in partnership with parents and carers to help young people achieve"

Parents and Carers Welcome

If you’re a parent or carer of a young person in Salford, then Salford Connexions can help you to help them achieve their best.

Research shows that parents and carers are often a big influence on young people’s career decisions, so the encouragement, support and information you give them can make a big difference to their success.

We understand the vital role that you have in helping and supporting your child. So, as well as helping young people, our job is also to support you, by making sure that you have the information and advice you need to support your child with the choices and decisions they face.

The parent/carer section of our website will tell you more about Connexions and gives you information that will be useful to you in helping your child with the choices facing them from year 9 onwards, as well as information and advice on a range of other matters and links to useful websites

If your son or daughter attends school or college in Salford they may be able to access a specialist Career Connect service which has been designed especially for each individual school commissioning the service.

You can read more about Career Connect here.